Sweet shower

Baby shoes from AmyIt was one of the nicest–and certainly the girliest–afternoons in Rome so far. My friend Cori, who moved here with her family around the same time we did, graciously hosted a baby shower for me on Saturday. Salads, fizzy drinks, girl talk…and baby clothes. What more could an expecting mum ask for? Not a thing. In fact, it was all so sweet that my eyes well up just thinking of it. Could be hormones. Could be my extreme relief that I’m actually starting to make friends and won’t be relegated to sharing stories with Carter every afternoon as I’d once feared (he’s a great listener but hardly ever makes a conversational contribution…)


My heartfelt thanks again to Cori and the other girls who came: Barbra, Amy, Ana Maria (pictured above), Annalisa and Melissa. Plus, Jen Duffy who wasn’t there in person but sent a surprise gift!

Amy and Cori

Amy and Cori

Annalisa, Melissa and Barbra

Annalisa, Melissa and Barbra

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