A ham with a stand

It’s here. No, not the dog, not my mom…the ham. Paul’s pride and joy now lives in our cucina.

All the delicious details:

  • Type of ham: Pata Negra
  • Purchased in Madrid, Spain
  • This pig’s diet: acorns. According to Ryan’s Spanish friend *Jose, the fat in this ham is actually more like olive oil–unsaturated–than regular grain-fed pigs.
  • Ham stand and knife on loan from Ryan
  • Desired thickness of each slice: “paper thin”
  • Level of difficulty to achieve PT slices: 9 (on a scale of 1-10)
  • Similar to Italian ham, Prosciutto. However, one does not put a protective layer of salt on Pata Negra (*nearly threw us out of the car when he heard the question). Instead a layer of fat is preserved and replaced on top of the ham after every cutting, then a kitchen towel. Fancy.
  • Price: approximately same as Baby’s college tuition (inflation included)


proud paul

at home

This is certainly not the end of it. Look for more updates to come…


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One response to “A ham with a stand

  1. Wow, I am very impressed (and jealous) of your new acquisition. How lovely and delicious!

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