Curtain call

Our new place has lovely tall, floor-to-ceiling windows, 320 centimeters to be exact (that’s 126 inches.) Problem: they don’t seem to make standard curtains this large. Not in Italy, not even in the US (at least nowhere I could find online). So, armed with my pocket dictionary and a vague idea of some Pottery Barn drapes I saw on the web, I went to a fabric store in Rome this weekend. Hits, misses and two hours later, I left with enough fabric for four panels plus backing. In the hit category: a very nice man helped me, for a long time. He spoke English and was extremely patient with the project. Misses: Thinking I was buying that special material that you iron between layers of fabric instead of sewing, I came home with a pad for ironing synthetic material. Hmpf. Anyway, I put the drapes together and Paul hung them up. The photos really don’t do them justice because I have to say, they look quite nice. The whole place has a softer, more romantic feel. Just wait until baby and Carter arrive…






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