A Fairy Tale

It’s the best way to describe being in Venice. We had such a great trip last weekend. Highlights here:

  • What promised to be a cute little hotel in a central area on Hotels.com turned out to be a cute little hotel in a central area.
  • Two delicious meals at acclaimed restaurants: Osteria Santa Marina and Da Fiore (with a Michelin star, no less).
  • Sunny (but cold) weather.
  • Fantastical nature of Venice was amped up a notch with the start of Carnivale, which produced thousands of people in masks and costumes. A kind of Marie Antoinette meets Halloween.
  • *Corny American woman riding along in a gondola while animatedly nodding her head in an effort to “lead” a group of other corny tourists in a rousing chorus of “Country Roads”. Seriously, it’s 80 Euros to ride in the boat and this is how you want do it?  I mean, I love my J. Denver but…
  • It really is a city built on water. Lovely. Romantic. Picturesque.

*By popular request, okay one person asked, a photo of Miss West Virginia Singalong is attached below.

*And the Chanteuse of Venice, by way of Colorado (furthest right):




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2 responses to “A Fairy Tale

  1. Emily

    Where is the picture of the “Country Roads” woman!? Sounds like my elementary school music teacher 🙂

  2. Amy

    Oh wonderful, I am so glad you had a great wknd. The nice thing is, Venice will forever have a magical glow for you guys now — even after future trips where the hotel sucks, the food is terrible and the weather is bad — that first gorgeous time will not fade easily from your memory (and thank god for that). There is just no place like Venice!

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