Eating Chinese in Paris

We asked our friend and host, Ryan, to supply us with ethnic food during our weekend in Paris. With this decadent Chinese dinner, he did not disappoint. The setting of Chez Vong was decidedly upscale; often referred to as “the best Chinese restaurant in Paris”, this was no takeout joint. Instead we walked into a multi-level dining room with wooden embellishments, red dragons, glowing candles and crisp table linens.


Ravenous, we ordered several delicious starters including something called “Happy Dumplings”, which turned out to be steamed dumplings full of shrimp, chicken, cabbage and carrots. Very good. The entrees were rich and flavorful, especially the duck dishes (one pictured below).


But the real treat came at the end. We ordered a fried banana with caramel which sounded simple enough. Not so. Moments later an Asian woman dressed immaculately in a traditional robe appeared at our table with two things: a metal bowl of water and a sizzling platter with thick pieces of friend banana atop a hot bed of caramel. Using chopsticks, she worked quickly to individually roll each warm banana segment in the sticky caramel before dousing in the water dish and finally placing the tasty bite on one of our three plates. We watched with awe. As for flavor, it was good not great. The presentation however, was magnifique.



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  1. Is that Buddha really made of butter? Nice.

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