Drama mia

As reported on Facebook, we discovered shortly after moving in that two of our three kitchen appliances don’t work. Well, don’t work the way they should. In the 21st century. In the price range of our rent.

To elaborate, the dishwasher doesn’t wash any dishes. Rather, just sloshes a little water around for approximately 2 hours. (Turns out that a pipe is filled with calcium–a huge issue for tap water in Rome–therefore the water source is depleted.) The stove is an entirely different matter. An entirely different era, actually. It’s white. It’s rickety. And my favorite part, you have to light the burners with a match! Feel like a serf in feudal times, and not in a romantic way, more like someone who’s preparing a bowl of gruel.

So after pointing out that all of the other apartments that we’d seen came with updated appliances, and shedding a tear or two (Hormones? More likely just my normal reaction. Poor Paul.) the landlords graciously agreed to replace both this week. Hooray! The celebration however, ended abruptly when it came time to arrange for the installation. Behold, today’s email from our landlords who inexplicably made a same-day appointment and, well, you can see for yourself…

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: xxxx@tiscali.it
Date: Tue, Feb 10, 2009 at 5:13 PM
Subject: Flat V. Nizza
To: paulgmathews@gmail.com

To Charity and Paul

We have been trying to get in touch with you by phone since
yesterday, but it seems impossible to have an answer from you. Ione has
ordered the new dishwasher and a gas-cooker. Delivery is only possible
on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday between 11.00 and 4.00. But before
delivery a new plug has to be applied in the wall by the electrician
for the gas-cooker. We had managed to obtain an appointment by the
electrician for today, but having had no answer from you we had to
cancel it.
So the whole thing has to be reorganized again. In any case the
electrician is not available for tomorrow (Wednesday) and he always can
come only afer 4.30 pm.
Let us know how to procede, considering that  making any arrangement
with these people is a nightmare.On our part we can only offer to
receive your keys if you cannot be present when they come.
Consider that at present our PC is still not working.


Ione and Massimo Roccas

Pleasant. Perhaps the subject line could have been: Molto put out.


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