A short train ride from Rome (an hour and a half), Naples is known for pizza. And I’ll say that the hype is right! Yesterday I had one of the best, if not the best, pizza ever. It’s also worth noting that the menu at Da Michele, which The New York Times calls “legendary”, only includes three choices: Margherita (sauce and cheese), Marinara (sauce, sometimes with extra garlic) and Margherita Doppio Mozzarella (double cheese). We got two of those.

We also walked through the city, visited a museum, a castle and many stores. Not sure how she’s done it but Baby is the most likely person to get anything these days. Not bad for someone who isn’t even born yet! (We bought her books, fairy tales in Italian.)

Click on Paul’s photo to see a slide show with more…

Paul and his pizza, originally uploaded by charitycurley.


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  1. I wish I were eating that pizza RIGHT NOW.

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