Internet sweet internet

At last, we are connected.

Fastweb, the intrepid wireless company of Italy, has finally managed to set us up at home. But it wasn’t without a fight.

First, we enlisted the help of our former landlord to make the call since the automated system was entirely in Italian. (We’ve had 8 lessons now but it’s no match for the Italian equivalent of “press one for…”) She dutifully called for us, several times. Then ten days went by. Nada. Finally we had an incoming call. A technician would be coming on Thursday. Hopes in hand, Paul and I waited for his arrival. He did show up, fiddled with a few outlets then sadly, so sadly, left saying the second technician would be coming next week. Even Paul teared up.

Then another surprise. Later that day, we got another call. Fastweb would be coming tomorrow. The man indeed showed up this morning–and hooked it up! As I mentioned on my Facebook page, I will never, ever again take an Internet connection for granted.

Have many things to report during our offline days. Look for molto updates soon.


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  1. Aurora Benton

    Hurray for internet! Looking forward to some pregnancy pics.

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