Apartment update: New contenders

The search is still on…but nearly over. Our vision for the fixed-up manse is all but a thing of the past considering the new water damage in three walls. If the fixing the windows and painting was such a challenge, it seems unlikely that a quick wall repair will happen in time for us to move, by Feb. 1. So…

Apartment A: Marimekko. Located up by what seems to be Rome’s most celebrated (and gorgeous) park, Villa Borghese, this 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-balcony flat is the new front-runner. The rooms are all large with high ceilings and lots of light. It’s in excellent condition, much loved by the owners who lived here for 25 years themselves; I only wish their decorating choices didn’t make this history so obvious. The living room and dining room are combined and just off that, they’ve built a library with walls of bookshelves that Paul and I love.  There’s even a fireplace. While the balconies aren’t wide enough for dining tables, a few chairs and bistro tables would do nicely. The only downsides are a difficult commute for Paul (Vespa anyone?) and…the kooky tiles.

Fundamentals: Less expensive, more sturdy, unfurnished, two year lease.

Apartment B: Pantheon. Extremely cute, nestled right in the historical center of Rome in between the Pantheon and Via Del Corso. This 3-bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom flat has two large terraces (square shaped) that would be wonderful to spend time on with Carter and baby or eating dinner with friends. The owner is an artist, who’s filled the space with lots of special touches. The open kitchen is appealing and the extra room with the beamed ceilings would be a neat office for me. On the downside, it’s much more lived in (read: could use a nice paint job), only one full bathroom, there are no parks nearby and the whole area will be mobbed by tourists…very soon.

Fundamentals: More expensive, more charming, fully furnished, one year lease.

Apt A photos: top 3 rows

Apt B photos: lower 3 rows


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