Holiday Wrap-up

We’re back from a week in the Italian countryside with a big group of friends. The villa was amazing, the kids were hilarious and the adults were…tired! So nice to get out of the city and even better to spend a little time not agonizing about where we’ll live. (More on that shortly.)

Paul and I visited a few neighboring towns, took walks up to a hillside village above the villa and partook in an ill-fated olive oil tasting expedition with friends Dave, Karin and baby Annika (full story to come.)

Most families did some sightseeing during the day then met up for a home cooked meal and a game or movie in the evening. PM and I cooked on the first night, chicken with 40 cloves of garlic and curried couscous with Paul’s nearly famous bruschetta pomodoro. What started out as a smokefest thankfully turned into a tasty meal.

Photo finish: Eric put together lots of pictures from a few people’s cameras and we’ve got some snapshots below:


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  1. Mom

    Wish I was there to experience it all with you!

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