Apartment update

In the last week we’ve seen several more places–and discovered a surprising contender. Here are the new choices:

1. A former convent. (FIRST row from TOP) This apartment has an amazing location, near the historic center of Rome which you can actually see from the huge terrace. The downside is that being a former nunnery, the rooms are very small, ceilings low (Paul couldn’t stand up in the dining room without bumping his head) yet the price was very high. Next…

2. Shabby-chic historical. (SECOND & THIRD row from TOP–it’s in the running!) At 220 square meters, this is by far the largest apartment we’ve seen. It’s got lovely bones and a neat historic structure: living rooms on one side, “private” rooms on the other with french doors connecting them throughout. There are six rooms in total plus a kitchen, pantry and two bathrooms. The terrace runs the length of the bedrooms. The negatives are: we don’t currently own any furniture apart from our bed and it needs to be fixed up (which the land lady assures us will happen). All this said, this apartment is The Contender for now.

3. Brand new, mystery price. (THIRD row from BOTTOM.) Paul’s colleague tipped us off to this beautiful apartment near the Spanish Steps. It’s so new that it’s still under construction. Similar in layout to the shabby chic place, it’s got a huge living room with French doors leading to a dining room and another set going into the kitchen. Two and a half bedrooms — and four bathrooms! On the negative side: no outdoor space and an iffy response to my most important question, “Is it dog friendly?” Oh, and we have no idea of the rent. The elderly land lady said we should talk about it later…

4. Trastevere mini. (SECOND row from BOTTOM) We’ve been hoping to view this apartment for a couple of weeks now. The current tenant is apparently traveling in the Far East, so it had been impossible to get the keys(!) until now. Nice enough but lots of clothes and things strewn about, so harder to picture it orderly. Another place with a lofted living room — and Paul’s head hit the top again. This place didn’t feel very airy and also lacked outdoor space so it won’t work for us.

5. Nicer historical. (BOTTOM) Another apartment with a long hallway and a million rooms! This one is much fussier though and somehow less appealing. Plus it’s much more expensive.


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