An Ex-Pat Thanksgiving

What happens when you combine 10 adults, 5 children and 2 turkeys overseas? The ultimate ex-pat Thanksgiving, plus a little poultry rivalry. Dan and Amy (hosts of the fiesta just two weeks before) graciously supervised an amazing spread. Highlights:

  • The best stuffing I’ve ever had (sorry Mom and Grandma) was prepared by a Swiss friend living here in Rome. It turns out that any lack of American know-how can be completely remedied by adding TWO kinds of bacon. Eat your heart out pilgrims.
  • Our pumpkin pies were prepared by a Californian, living in Moscow, visiting Rome for the week. The best part: she had to use an actual pumpkin. There is no Libby’s pie filling in Italy.
  • My contribution included roasted carrots, green beans with lemon and garlic and potatoes. The original request was “mashed potatoes” but since we don’t have a masher in our temporary apartment I went with “smashed potatoes“…but no one believed me that it was a real recipe. Guess they don’t have the Food Network here.
Eric, Melissa and Amy in the kitchen

Eric, Melissa and Amy in the kitchen

Dan and Scott

Men at work: Dan and Scott

Max's first Thanksgiving (Dan and Amy's son)

Max's first Thanksgiving (Dan and Amy's son)

Turkey anyone?

Turkey anyone?

Just kidding

Just kidding

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3 responses to “An Ex-Pat Thanksgiving

  1. sounds like great family fun!

  2. Sara Rosso

    I just stumbled onto your blog (I think from another expat blog) but it’s nice to discover another expat in Italy. I’ve added you to the Expat blog list I keep on my Ms. Adventures in Italy site :)

  3. charityc

    Hi Sara! Great to hear from you — and I saw those delicious cookies on your site. Love and admire your photography too. Can’t wait to visit again soon to see what else you’re cooking up. Best – Charity

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