Tag it and bag it

During week one I can tell you…not much. It’s sunny and warm so far. Sweaters are totally sufficient for outdoors though it’ll surely be getting cooler by the day. We’re going to dinner at friends’ house tonight. Meanwhile the task is unpacking. PM is reorganizing the apartment. This means moving unfortunate sculptures to less visible areas, lining up our books on one little shelf in the living room and putting away the three sweaters or so that we each brought. Think some shopping may be in order but let’s see…

Exploring our new area was the first order of business. We strolled, successfully ordered a cappucino + cornetto (the Italian equivalent of a crossiant) and we did it at the right time of day. (In every guidebook, tourists are advised to not, under any circumstances, order a cappucino after 11am.)

We’ve also gone to the grocery and there made our first mistake. When in Rome, one apparently weighs the produce while still in the produce aisle then affixes a special little sticker to the plastic bag, noting the price. All of this is to be done strictly before proceeding to the checkout. If one fails to do so, here’s what happens. The slightly put-out checker has to stand up from her stool where she rings up customers and wordlessly walk over to the sticker producing machine herself. Meanwhile, as silly Americans you have no choice in your confusion but to sheepishly shrug a smiling apology to the Romans still waiting in line. So, lesson learned.


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